09 January 2013

Not Good-bye but Until We Meet Again....

Earlier today, I was *finally* able to put to words
what I've been thinking/feeling about our
move this weekend.

Here is a letter to my dearest friends that the Lord
has placed in my life...

My Dears
Teri, Sara, Frances, Colleen, LM, Janneke, Jaki, Tracy, Paula, Ann:

I just wanted to say thank you girls for your sweet attempt 
to put something together before we move 
& for your many attempts to help in every way with this move. 
I've been quite recluse because I'm trying to sort out what I'm feeling. 

I can't shake this equally excited as I am sad feeling to be moving. 
Mostly because of not being able to be 
spontaneous with you, go to midweek coffee, 
meet you at the park, etc. 
I won't happen to see you driving on the road, 
or run something over to your house if I need to.

We've experienced MANY births, pregnancies
foster parenting & adoption,
new jobs, job loss, lawsuits, fertility problems,
sustained unemployment, marital ups and downs,
church searching, small group sharing, moving,
parenting woes, parenting joys, womens health issues,
kids health scares, cancer, school performances, 
first slumber parties, sports teams, dance classes, school changes,
homeschooling ups and downs, many cups of coffee & tea,
lots of wine, tears of joy, sadness, tears during the movie Bridesmaids,
art classes, preschool classes, so.many.VBS's, pool days, park days,
outdoor movie nights, Da-Dora jokes, dinner parties, inappropriate humor,
appropriate humor, intentional embarrassment, political debate,
surprise parties, birthdays of our kids, birthdays of each other,
 tears from laughter, Anthro gift cards, prayer requests, praise reports,
comfort during sorrow, mutual celebrations for joy,
countless prayers for our husbands & children,
a source of great encouragement, refining fire,
Godly wisdom and 
remaining each other's constant prayer warriors.

I'm mourning the life we have woven together 
and the longevity that would have come 
if we remained residents of SGValley. 

That being said, this isn't goodbye....
and I wanted to avoid anything that would resemble 
a goodbye because that would mean we are closing a door. 

I don't live in lala land and know that my moving away 
will naturally change our relationship(s). 
But - I know that not much does have to change 
as OC isn't that far & with a bit more effort 
(and a plane ticket to OC...) 
we can remain connected. 

You ladies have single handedly shaped 
who I know myself to be today. 
You have seen ME & introduced me to her 
- a person I actually like: authentic me. 

One thing I fear is myself away from you. 
If I will stop seeing me through your eyes...
or if new friends will see me as you do. 

I can't thank you enough for allowing me 
to grow up in your presence. 
I will always see Pasadena as the place 
"I became a woman" (ga-ross...hahaha). 

OC has always represented my childhood. 
I have a fear of going back/reverting back 
- and that has been a part of this transition 
that has made it so hard on me. 

Not only that....but you girls are the first to love my daughter 
as her true, authentic self 
- with all her nuances, quirks and Katelyn-ness. 
She's always beaten to the tune of her own drum 
and many many people didn't get her for MANY years. 

You do get her, and love her 
... And I can't begin to express how deeply I cherish this without crying
...hard(-er than I am now...). 

I know your friendship has served yet ANOTHER purpose: 
your children have been siblings to my daughter when she (I) needed them most. 

Your families are prayed for every night, 
memories of time with all your kids are typical conversation topics
 in our daily home and the love she has for your kids is so precious 
- even more so than if they actually were siblings. 
Your kids have taught my girl how to interact with other kids, 
by engaging or watching the dynamics of your kiddos. 

All this to say...I love you each DEARLY 
and am forever grateful for His wisdom 
in placing you as main characters in my life story. 
The balance of depth with fun that we maintain is truly unique 
and I pray will sustain us beyond a few miles separation 
or whatever years we have left on earth. 
I am giddy with excitement that we have eternity guaranteed together
...and that turns these tears of sadness into joy. 

I love you all. 


Lissa said...

oh girl~ I've always admired the friendship you share with these beautiful ladies! What fun and such a sweet, heartfelt letter. You have a big big heart my friend and I just love ya to pieces.

plane ticket to the oc huh? tee hee

Farmgirl Paints said...

big squeeze...i know just how hard it is to move away! at least you can jump in the car and grab a planned lunch whenever you want. it will different but still good. love you friend.

Colleen Johnston said...

Love you and your family so much Stiggs. The baby pictures of our girls are just killing me right now. I'll be stalking you regularly in the OC. I'm excited for your new adventure & will hold you up in prayer, distance can't change that, hugs to you my soul sista, you've taught me a lot about friendship, speaking your mind, & hospitality. You're a gem!

Maria at inredningsvis.se said...

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Have a great day dear

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

Nicola Bradley said...

I hope you don't mind me commenting on this, but I just came across your blog and read this amazingly beautiful and heartfelt post. It brought tears to my eyes and really blessed me. Thankyou for posting x :)

I pray that God will bless you mightily in your move and that you will enjoy in abundance the plans that God has for your life. x

Dolf Zigler said...

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Yi-Jiun Lin said...

Happy New Year!!! Great pictures full of smiles and happiness. Ladies are pretty and kids are adorable too!

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