25 September 2012

a blip of inspiration

This summer has been such a great whirlwind - 
and really won't be over in my mind until October 1.  

We've had fun as a family and celebrating marriages,
it has been filled with memories.

This past weekend I got to *finally* see
my dear sweet friend, Lissa at her house!
She's been to my house a number of times, I was so happy
to see her in her element & hometown.

I also got to squeeze and giggle with a DEAR friend,
Becky.  As a bonus surprise, I got to also hug and
laugh with Kim!  It was such a great weekend
where my heart is full of the love only
derived from girlfriends.  I am so blessed.

This morning, I read a post on Lissa's blog.
It got me thinking about my little piece of the interweb
and what is to become of it.

As previously stated, I started blogging for one
reason and it was quickly revealed to me
that this was the way the Lord would speak to my heart.

He has used what can be an ugly, vile place
for His glory and to get my attention.
I'm not sure where this blog is going, but I've felt
strongly that He isn't quite finished 
with this space yet.

Based on Lissa's post this morning, I was inspired
for the first time in many months to write.

Hi.  I'm Tracy and I'm imperfect.
Welcome to the "I NEED A SAVIOR" support group.  

This group is where we celebrate each other being 
our authentic selves as we strive to love our Creator.  

We will fail.  
We will fall short EVERY.TIME.  
I guarantee we will never come close to perfection.  

Now that you've heard what this group doesn't do - lets talk about what we DO:
Pray for each other.
Ask forgiveness of each other and of the Lord.
Give each other grace -  as we are given on a minute-by-minute basis.
Seek the Word when the world fails us...
...again and again and again.

No works, no rules, no laws will ever make us perfect.
The Bible isn't to constrain us.
It is to SET US FREE.
Free from the bondage of ourselves.
Of our innate propensity to sin.

We are to live in this world and not judge
others or ourselves as being righteous - we are to love others
because we are ALL falling short of the Lord.
every minute of every day of every month year after year after year.

Thank you, Lord for the women you've introduced me to.
Only through this blog is how they came into my world.
Not just these three (imperfect) women I've met this past weekend,
but the many many sisters in Christ that
have blessed me by following me here, commenting precious
and encouraging words;
following me on Instagram and Facebook.

I am humbled to be in their presence, which draws me closer to You.

a cuff like this can be yours, too!  lovingly made by Becky.  Find them here.


paige said...

what a beautiful encouraging post.
loved following each of you & seeing you celebrate friendship!!

& ps. hope your blog isnt going anywhere!!

Lissa said...

well this just has me grinning from ear to ear! I am totally into the "i need a savior" support group! yay! I think God did something special for us last weekend. Something very special indeed! he's good like that. ;)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Girl, Lissa has talked about you for so long. I'm beyond glad I'm not on the outside wondering who this precious person is anymore. I agree 100%...God has me blogging for some reason and part of that reason is meeting special, imperfect people who somehow complete me...if that makes sense. Praising Him for friendships. Praising Him forgiveness and grace. Just praising Him:) Love ya sister.

kimberly said...

what a wonderful day spent with such amazing girlfriends! thank you for including me, and for capturing such wonderful spontaneous moments! will you send me that crazy photo as I always love photos of me laughing~

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

This was such a beautiful post.. I have never met any of those ladies but they seem sweet.. When were you in Seattle? Are you going to come visit again?? ;) Rachel

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