26 June 2012


I had a feeling turning 33 was going to
be a great year when the week
of my birthday started in Paris and ended
with a formal ball in the Opera House of Budapest.

Little did I know the year the Lord
had in store for me....
The highest of high's as well as
lowest of the lows - ALL bases were equally covered.
a ball for my birthday...such a happy coincidence!
Summer 2011 was easily the best on the books:
the European vacation, VBS's,
lots of time with friends,
a trip to Napa,
the birth of my first niece.

Then the fall continued on in the same way - 
a trip to Napa (actually, THREE MORE trips to Napa...)
beginning the homeschool journey,
a new division and a great soccer season,
a trip to Austin, 
the birth of my second niece.

Winter 2011 started the same way -
a new Christmas tree,
a fun dinner party,
ringing in the new year with my
Texas-sister and her family,
purchasing Disneyland annual passes,
and it all hit a seismic speed bump
the week of January 20.

February introduced the reality of
cancer to our lives - 
and set us on a trajectory that
we couldn't have possibly foreseen.

However - through all of this - the Lord has been working.
He has brought us through infertility
with a passion our little family shares for each other
that I cherish to my innermost.
It took me 10 years to really understand what
that looked like, felt like.

Once we settled into the new trajectory
that is our life with cancer - and seeing how the Lord
has cradled us in His hands the *entire* way,
we got comfortable and into our routine.

UNTIL June 15.
An opportunity presented itself
to my husband within his company
that was so far off our radar - it only could have come from Him.

It means that we will be moving back to
Orange County - where we both
spent a majority of our childhood as well
as spent the early years of our marriage.

We are equally as excited as we are saddened
at the thought of moving.
Pasadena has been the most wonderful
home and has given us the best
years of our lives.
We love our community dearly
and for that we are deeply saddened.

At the same time, this opportunity
is such an exciting time in our lives
that will open many doors as
well as challenges that the Lord has 
more than prepared us for.

We are anxious as to where this will
take us, and how He will use
this new path in our lives.
We dedicate all of it to Him, and
give Him all of the Glory!

The future posts will consist of
my farewell to this fabulous town that
will forever have the dearest place in my heart.

Thank you for your prayers and for your
support during the many trials
and joys that have been expressed on this
littler piece of the interwebs.

So, goodbye thirty-three....and hello thirty-four.
I'm buckled up, and ready for the ride.



Farmgirl Paints said...

HAppy BIrthDAY sweet girl. Life is a roller coaster isn't it? I'm sure you will flourish wherever the Lord takes you. Excited for this new path!!! Blessings. Eat cake for me will ya:)

Broas Family said...

Congratulations on the new job and exciting move!

Molly W. said...

Oh friend! Congratulations! I can just imagine all the mixed feelings you have! I will be thinking of your sweet family and eagerly awaiting posts with this new chapter!! Lots of love to you, sweet Tracy. xoxo

Home Sweet Seattle said...

oh my gosh!!! A new journey awaits you friend! And the memories of Pasadena will always be there. Luckily, you aren't moving TOO far away. I feared from your FB post that it might be out of California!

Home Sweet Seattle said...

oh my goodness! A new adventure awaits you friend! You have such a lovely family and strong faith~ this is bound to be a good thing! I was worried from your FB post that you were headed out of California. Phew!!!

a.love said...

Oh girl--I think 34 is gonna rock your world in some awesome ways!

Between You and Me said...

Hey friend...
One of my very dearest friends lives in Newport!!! They live about 5 minutes from the beach...actually, their address is Costa Mesa. I think I said that right....

Anyway, we love visiting them....I'll be so happy the next time I come that way bc I could potentially meet YOU!

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

Wow... I wish I could visit Paris!! Lucky. I am having a shabby apple giveaway if you would like to join!

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