08 February 2012

Meet Bucky ~

Bucky is a special name in our family.
My husband's nickname is Bucky
from his days working on
his family farm in southern Ohio.

(Could be because of his obsession
with ALL THINGS Ohio State Buckeyes,
his alma mater...)

Our nephews call my husband Uncle Bucky.

But this Bucky is a little different than the
Bucky I fell in love with 16 years ago.
She's...paper mache.
Hand formed by hands in Haiti
with french magazine & book pages.

But just like Uncle Bucky - this baby is all mine.
She sits proudly over the mantle,
in the heart of our home - the family room.

She joined our family at Christmastime
and it didn't take long for her
paper mache antlers to be adorned
with sweet hearts, 
a hand-crafted 'Paris' banner dangling
from her chest,
and a crown resting (quite comfortably) on her brow...

I think she is doing a great job taking good care
of our family, watching over us proudly.
Not unlike Uncle Bucky.

Your very own 'Bucky' can be purchased here

Happy Wednesday!

PS - Thank you, LISSA for the sweet PARIS banner...I treasure it like I treasure YOU!

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