01 February 2012

I love you more....than chocolate

I have received some email about where I received

I purchased it through WUSLU -
a daily deal site for vintage-like home goods.

Today, and only today - they are offering
this pillow as their deal of the day!

Just in time for Valentine's Day.

On a different note, my sweet blog-friend

has a very important post today
about being responsible & knowing WHERE our
beloved chocolate comes from.

Please read the post, and make the life-saving change.
Create a revolution of a standard that we will
NOT stand for something as *stupid* as
chocolate to be traded for a precious life created by our Lord
when there are alternatives.

Read here for more cocoa information
if you would like to investigate further and be a part
of this important movement.

If you're going to be consuming any sort of
chocolate this Valentine's Day,
send the gift of life & love by choosing a Fair Trade variety.

1 comment:

Juggling in Heels said...

I went to order the pillow and it was sold out! It love it!

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