20 January 2012

A little look back ~


Seriously, we are 20 days into January of 2012?!
We have nearly one semester of homeschool
under our belts and I couldn't have
imagined how well it has been so far.

We are in our groove, finding out what is
working (and learning what is NOT working...)
and I know that this semester will get
better the longer we are doing this.

We had a very Merry Christmas, 
and hope you have too!
It was a blur and I only have a few
house images to show for it.

So, if you don't mind indulging me...
Our Christmas 2012 tree was
different than any tree we've had before.

We went aluminum.  Real vintage.  Real sparkle-y.
I didn't want to take it down!

I found this fun wrapping paper at Ikea -
and thought it fit well with our

We had so much fun with the cousins
especially the two wee ones who
came from Austin...!  

Six kids under 8 (7 being 3 and younger!)
It was hard to capture a 'still' shot.

We had tons of fun with our dear friends,
the 'Byzoos' decorating cookies!

Gigi & Papa from Ohio to spent Christmas with us -
they took our girl to see a 
Christmas Cinderella play in Hollywood. 
(did you think that those 3 words would be in the same sentence?)

So fun watching my nephews growing up!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas...!

PS - sneak peak for next week:

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