28 July 2011

A journey begins with a single step~

I've always thought it was so hokey when people

would talk about a path in their life
was a JOURNEY...it sounded so cheeseball and I didn't get it.

But perhaps with age I'm understanding
all things cheeseball - as I get what *journey* means:
I've found it is something that no matter how hard you plan, 
*something* will come up and
will cause you to stop, question & either perservere or redirect.

It is rarely something that happens perfectly
It has great moments, rough roads and
tends to begin with a single step of faith.

That is where we find ourselves:
We have chatted with families we trust
who are on this journey - and have prayed about it - 
and now we are prepared to take our first
step and decide *what* our philosophy
for our school will be.

What is our "WHY" of education?

Our familiy believes that the primary responsibility for our
child{ren} is us: the parents.
We believe that the Bible is the center of our life
and is ultimately the center of our learning.

What is the PURPOSE of education?

In the workbook that we have that is asking such prompting questions,
"An Introduction to Home Education" [p.23, 12th ed.]
we agree with this statement:

"...the goal of Christian education is to cause the Christian person
to be growing in grace and knowledge of Christ,
pursuing godliness of character and action (2Tim 3:17)."
"Academics becomes secondary to the godly character
values, but we are nevertheless to gain dominion
over all academic disciplines in order to bring glory to God".

And so we have taken the first step.
Our journey has begun.

On a different note: 
for you peeps - a celebration, a gift for YOU...
Whaddaya-say - how about Monday!?


a.love said...

i LOVED talking to you about your decision and the action your taking! i'm inspired.
i sure do wish we lived closer so we could breakfast every week!
can't wait for your giveaway! :)

Lissa said...

hey lady! When you put it this way who wouldn't want to homeschool! I admire you for heeding the call and for doing what God has asked of you!

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