18 July 2011

Answering the call ~

If you are a Christian, you know that
the Lord has a way of calling you to an action.

I believe parenting is one such call,
than it does now,
I'm confident in the Lord's plan for
our one & only daughter at this time and this place.

It is a difficult call, as well as deeply rewarding
and such an amazing way the Lord
uses these precious people we call our children
to shape our character.

I remember nearing the end of my pregnancy
and having breakfast with my parents & siblings.
The subject came up about schooling
and I mentioned that perhaps I wanted
to homeschool our future child(ren).

We grew up in the public school system
as homeschooling was really
something that we city folk understood
only appropriate for Laura Ingalls and the like.
You could say we were ignorant.  You'd be right.

I know that the idea of homeschool didn't
come from me or the environment I grew up in.
It was all from the Lord.

You would have thought that when our daughter
came of age and we had to decide on schools
the choice would have been easy.
It wasn't.
I was still bitten by the homeschool bug
but we decided upon private school
as our finances allowed.

Last year, our finances were very affected
by the economy and we were unable to
send our girl to the private school
that we loved.

We sent her to the public school down the street.
And while it was great to walk to school
each day, that homeschool nudge from
the Lord only got more persistent.

To prepare us for our homeschool journey,
we attended the annual Christian Home Educators Association convention
conveniently located in Pasadena (practically our backyard!).
We rubbed elbows with other families who
 just answered the call like we did, 
as well as families who have been mulit-generation homeschoolers.

It was a great place to get educated and enlightened
on how important and special this decision
to homeschool is for our family.
We left absolutely convicted that we are doing
His will in *finally* responding to the nudge
that the Lord placed on our hearts years ago.

Our children are a gift.
What are we going to do with our gift?
For our family, the answer was definitely to take
control and teach our daughter to not
only know the Lord but to be His light to
the world around her.

We are to instill her with knowledge
of The Word, and equip her with
skills to live her best life according to the gifts
she's been blessed with.

We are not going to worry about
state education budget cuts, 
hurrying for school in the morning, or hurrying to
get homework done in the afternoon.

I'm not going to worry about what new
4-letter word she will pick up
from other students, or worry about
my daughter feeling like she needs to
compete with other students 
for her teacher's attention or to stress about her grades.

We will have a less stressful, more peaceful
day-to-day where we will be students of the
world around us, rather than have
the world school her in its ugly ways.

God is in control of our life.  
Our family is taking control back from the government
who deems our children *their* responsibility
and even property.

It is going to be a year full of learning,
growing pains and a lot 
of trial & error.
But since we are walking with the Lord,
we know we will have 
His light for our path - and there isn't any way
we can get lost.

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Sandi said...

My hats off to you and so glad you are doing what the Lord is telling you to do. My daughter has homeschooled her kids and while I was not in favor of it when she started (several years ago) my thinking has changed drastically. We have to protect our kids...our God given responsibility. Prayers for you as you travel on this journey with your sweeties.

Sibi said...


God has a way of speaking to us again and again and again.....

Haven't answered the call. Do not know how on earth I would be able to do it. I can hardly manage and love and give and sow into their hearts right now with two going to school in the fall full time.

My eight year old has literally begged me to homeschool her....

This is the most beautifully written outpouring of a mothers heart on the matter that I have ever read.


You are such a beautiful soul and I pray I can get to the place you are in right now.

Blessings sweet friend,


a.love said...

amazing amazing amazing post! not only does it completely expose your heart, share your call and obedience, but it also provides resources! trace, this is amazing. YOU are amazing! i want to know more about how we/i could possibly do this! you will be blessed for your obedience! :) I hope you are getting all of the support your deserve!

Miss Gracie's House said...

I want to take a minute to encourage you...our family answered this same call over 25 years ago...and I have never regretted it! My youngest is 15 and we will begin her homeschool high school this fall. (I have graduated 4 from homeschool). God has been faithful and good and so full of grace to us...it changed the look of our family forever...we have sweet memories...and my children are faithful to HIM...they may not have received the very best *academic* education but have more than made up for it in other areas...It is a journey...one step at a time...remember your calling when it is hard (and it will be)...ask the Lord for patience and guidance...He is able.

Farmgirl Paints said...

i applaud you! what an adventure you are about to embark upon. you will do great and so will they!!

Dollface said...

Love hearing from you and miss you soooooo much!!! xxoxo

jeana said...

Hello! I'm here through Lissa's blog and I just wanted to stop in and encourage your staying in the will of God. What a blessing for you little girl this will be! We too, have answered that call in our lives for our boys, and have enjoyed it so much. Prayers for you and congratulations!

paige said...

i love how you closed with that last sentence. you have such a wonderful mommy's heart. what an exciting year ahead for each of you!

LuLu & Co. said...

Tracy bravo! Your daughterbis going to be so very blessed by you taking this step the Lord has placed in your heart. You are going to grow this year as a mother, teacher, roll model.
Best of everything,

Haley said...

Just wanted to stop over and affirm you in the listening and then obeying. The later is always the most challenging. I read your post last week-I can't wait to hear more about your journey!

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