12 May 2011


EIGHT years ago,
I was in the cozy maternity ward
at Saddleback Hospital
eagerly awaiting the arrival of our girl.




If I knew then what I know now...
I think that day would be so different.

It would look more like:







If I knew then that it would be *my* only
day to give birth, it would change 
the makeup of that day dramatically.

I think being a young Mom has its perks - 
but also the drawbacks...

Feeling that time is infinite,
moments are destined to be repeated,
hurry up and move on to the next big thing,
 as there is always something new/exciting around the bend.

This year is the first year that I haven't
hosted my first pity party...party of 1.

No woe-is-me-isms about letting down
myself, my husband, my birthday girl
that our collective dreams of a big family
have not come to fruition...
and look how quickly the time is passing...

Today is all about my girl.
My only daughter.

I am savoring the time NOW.
I am praying NOW.
I am dreaming NOW.
I am praising the Lord NOW.
I am cherishing each moment NOW.
I am rejoicing NOW.

My only girl is 8 only one time, 
and today is HER day.

I'm just privileged to be in the front row
as her #1 cheerleader.

Just remember YOUR words...You're not a big girl, YET.  ;)

I love you, Katie Roo.


LuLu said...

Love you! There are times when I can't find the words to express how a post has touched me....
You are so loved and Katie has the most awesome mom in the entire world!
Happy birthday to you beautiful, fantastic daughter,
Xoxoxo oxoxox xoxo,

Juggling in Heels said...

I just adore this post. It is true, we never realize how special the time has been until we look back. Unfortunately the day to day gets to us. Enjoy it and Happy Birthday Katie!

k_shaddix said...

Such a beautiful post. <3.

A Rosy Note said...

Oh Tracy, your post made me all teary-eyed and I'm not exaggerating. I think about when I had my daughter four years ago and I figured it would be my last child...it was so emotional for me. I felt the same way when she turned one...thinking this will be the last time I have a little person who turns one. You're so right to savor each little moment. That photo of the two of you is so beautiful. Happy Birthday to Katie :)

hugs ♥ tricia

Dollface said...

Happy birthday to your girlie!! I missed reading your blog and missed you... xxooo

Haley said...

This was the sweetest post ever. TEARS reading it-especially as my sweet Samantha is almost one. SUCH a precious reminder to slow down, enjoy, embrace and savour each little thing she does. Just what I needed to read this Monday. Hope you all had such a fun time celebrating your darling daughter! xoxo

Annastacia said...

Thank you for sharing this! I am about to become a mother any day now and needed the little reminder to cherish each moment, even these uncomfortable pregnant moments :) and to not be waiting for the next thing. Thank you!

CylestialChola said...

Following you now from the blog hop on bloggy moms and would love for you to follow me back too. Be well!

Molly W. said...

Happy (belated) birthday Katelyn! Your mama loves you!!! (so glad I get to know you, Tracy...and I feel the same way, if I'd known that that was my one time giving birth, likely would've had some different perspective). xo

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