06 July 2010

The 6th 3rd

Desserts! Fireworks!

That's what the theme was for our 6th annual 3rd of July party.

We had quite a collection of fireworks.
Not even a visit by the 'helpers in helicopters'
(aka police air patrol)
would put a damper on our par-tay!

Many sweets and party poppers waiting for
the right moment to attend the party!

This year, we thought it would be fun to have a
soft-serve ice cream machine.

Each person was able to dress their sundae's
with many topping options.

ShOwTiMe! Such fun with glow-bracelets,
light-up suckers, ring pops - all made the firework show a bit more fun.

The Grand Finale!!

Thanks so much to all who attended this year -
and we missed those who couldn't!

God Bless the USA and all of our fabulous traditions
we are free to celebrate each and every year.


a.love said...

GREAT pics and that really did look like a typical no less than fabulous Stiggy party!!
you're so amazing

Dollface said...

hi love! you are such a great party planner :) I love all of the details and all of your personal touches... wish I could've been there :) miss ya! xxxoo

Anonymous said...

Spicy Tracy and the Spicy Stiggy Partaaaaaaays! No one can compare!

tara said...

goodness you know how to throw a party, isn't it funny that the men get so excited about fireworks...it is like when they were little and wanted to play with magnifine glasses and the sun to see who could burn the 1st leaf...oh boy! the ice cream machine sounds like a great idea!!! glad you had so much fun! xo

Molly W. said...

Looks FAB! SO sad to miss!!

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