14 December 2009

Spicy Christmas

At the risk of sounding like a broken record,
I have mentioned before how blessed
I've been this year by God's gift of friendship
(you included!).

Last night, I was able to celebrate
a group of women with their hottie husbands
whom have turned into more than
mere girlfriends.

They are accountability partners,
prayers warriors and undoubtably have each other's
best interest in mind.

We support our marriages, give food
and comfort in these tough economic times
and provide a safe haven for serious matters of the heart
as well as making room for oodles of laughter.

We call ourselves the Spicy Roosters.
The name is a long story, but fits us to a "t".
{I know, we're technically hens ... but when the husbands aren't around, we're roosters.}

That being said - we missed 2 of our 7 couples
at our dinner last night. They have some sparkle-y
rooster ornaments waiting for them!
{the one craft I've done all Christmas season}

I found the sweet feather tree on Ebay, as well as
the garland and feather pearl ornaments.
I found the chandelier drops from Etsy,
as well as the fixings for the rooster ornament craft!

Dinner was pork tenderloin, rosemary apple sauce,
parmesan risotto and pear & blue cheese salad.
Dessert was a Peppermint Ice Cream brownie sundae.

We drank a concoction I am calling a Christmas Sparkle:
Vodka, Champagne and
Sparkling Pomegranate & Sparkling Cranberry.
{even the men loved it - this drink is not for the ladies, only!}
I highly recommend it for any occasion.

So, now I'm off to tackle the messy kitchen
and to attempt to put the room back together.
When you have such a small cottage, you have to improvise in many ways!


LuLu & Co. said...

What a wonderful group you have! AHHHH your home looked just stunning and your menu... has me drooling! I just jotted your Christmas drink down.... :) it has my name all over it!!! Can't wait for my hubby to return Friday so we can have this together!
Have a great Monday,

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

love it!! looks soooo fancy and soooo nice! i am in the process of planning out my christmas eve table! i am hosting for my parents, and my sister and her family that are flying in from vA! i am super excited/nervous!

Louise said...

Your house looked beautiful and what a fab party -- I wish I had even just a tab bit of your decorating sense! xo

Lissa said...

you are such an amazing hostess! I mean truly awesome! LOVE the roosters! What a FUN touch!

Jen R. said...

It sounds like you are having some great holiday parties!!!!

Fern said...

Your mix-matched chairs made me gasp! LOVE THEM! Gorgeous set up :) Love you home!

koralee said...

Your home is lovely...I love love love all white. What a fun night you had.

I just want to thank you for your caring comment you left on my blog the other day...we miss our Rosie but your sweet comments have been a blessing to me...you have such a kind heart..thank you so much.

Molly W. said...

my stomach is growling over that menu, YUM.

The Rural Socialite said...

This is so gorgeous! Can you stop by my blog and comment to me about where you found sparkling pomegranate juice?

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