20 April 2009

We didn't plan it....It just happened ~

I remember posting fairly recently about how fondly I think of my dining room set my father found as a home improvement store was going out of business some 8 years ago.  

And just a few weeks ago, I was posting about some Thrifty Finds.  Well, I left out one *major purchase...and knew I had to keep it on the down low because I had a plan....and how quickly it came into place, too!

Well, mystery is about to be revealed....

Our new dining room table....!

Let me back up a minute.  Here's what went down.

I was minding my business at the 4th Thrift Store of the day back when 
I was treasure hunting in my town.  
It was a rather large store, and I took my time, as I did in all the previous stores.  
WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN...my heart stopped when I saw these:

My husband was out of the town at the time...and I wanted to make sure I wasn't acting impulsive.  
I continued my rounds of the store, and kept finding myself standing behind these.  
Sitting on them, pulling them out - giving them a great look-over.  

A phone call to my husband wasn't returned until after the store had closed - 
giving me the green light to add these to our nest.  I was determined that I would 
be one of the first in the shop the next morning making these babies officially MINE.  
(my daughter was SUCH a trooper that e-a-r-l-y Saturday morning!)

I saw the fabric on these chairs - and appreciated the taste the previous owner had....
knowing that I would definitely be changing them to fit our style.

(a project to be completed this week)

Well, now I was determined.  I had to find the perfect table to match.  
I wanted a table with a leaf to give us entertaining options, 
and I wanted something white.  Craigslist was the first place I looked.  
And looked.  And looked.

FINALLY - I came across this FABULOUS table - and made a call.  

It was sold.  WHAAAT?  Oh it can't be sold.  
Well, the search continued.  And continued.  I couldn't get this table out of my mind.  
And almost 2 weeks later, I received an email - the table 
actually DIDN'T sell to the previous owner, and if I wanted it...I could have it...!!!  
I was giddy!

Another call to the husband, showing him pictures and 
telling him how effortless on his part it was going to be... 
(not his requirement, just my way of 'sweetening the deal') 
- and he instantly agreed.  

I went down, met the sweetest blonde in San Clemente one late weekday morning.  
(As sweet as this Blondie 'n' SC!)  
She showed me how it was a hidden leaf in the table, 
and that there is room for 8 when pulled out.  
(I say 10 if we get really squishy...)

The two of us loaded it easily into my husbands pick-up truck and she said...
"I have this hutch, if you'd like it, too"  
I went back, took a 1/2 second look at it....
and I said SOLD.  Perhaps a bit too quickly.   
I was so in love.

So, here we are.  2 weeks later, I've managed to pull together 
a custom dining room set for well under $500.  And it is ours.  
It is original, and I have the best memories 
- Heidi - THANK YOU for your fabulous table and hutch.  
We love it and will take good care of it.  
Best of luck to you in your new phase of life!

A special thanks to all of you who guessed!

No one guessed specifically - but I want to send a little *something* 
to those who guessed 'table':

~Send me an email of your mailing address~

Have a great Monday!


Lissa said...

Oh.... congratulations! How fun!!! Now your dining room will only add more wonderful stories to this as the years go with family and friends sitting around it.

Jeanneoli said...

It came together wonderfully!!!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

It all looks fabulous!

Allegra said...

L O V E....I have no other words I can say!! I want to dance around your dining room with some diet pepsi doing a happy dance and then immediately start helping you with your chairs and staring at your gorgeous finds.

Kasey said...

how perfect it is!!!

LuLu said...

Fantastic! i love how it turned out.. the table is dreamy. the hutch ties it all together! I am so excited for you!!

Tara said...

I want to know first where this Heidi lives..!!! GORGEOUS table and I love the china buffet..LOVE IT...also love craigs list! thanks for sharing! can't wait to see how the chairs come out...!

Dollface said...

everything looks really good together... love the pattern on the cusions.. xxoo

Nora said...

Love the table, hutch, and chairs! Such a great find. I'm excited to see when you have finished the chairs. Enjoy!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Loving it all! Can't wait to see the finished chairs!

Queen B. said...

simply PERFECT !!
i FINALLY decided on shutter color ! Yippee..oh happy Day.
Love how it turned out :)

Honey Bend Vintage said...

That was total luck, how great is that! I love the hutch and the table, I am beyond jealous!! You are a lucky lucky girl. Thanks so much for the recent comment!

It' an Evolution said...

It is absolutely perfect...So crisp and clean...plus to get the bonus hutch...thats a deal! Reminds me of myself and calling The Accountant for permission...:)
I just knew it had to be a table, and I am jealous becaue I love it :)
Enjoy every moment

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I guess you can say it was meant to be!!!! Beautiful!

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Great finds! I'm also on the hunt for a dining room hutch. Your new room looks great!

Mindy said...

Tracy, what a beautiful room you created. Your combination of patience and creativity are amazing!

Farmhouse Chic said...

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful find and what a great bargain! You scored big time!



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