03 April 2009

Part 2...

Time to move upstairs...!

To the immediate right up the stairs, we came to our master bedroom.

My husband let me paint our bathroom PINK.  It was so fun, and OH-SO-cotton candy.  We learned early-on that our color selection wasn't the greatest, but we had fun doing it, and making it our own.  If I didn't mention it before - how great is my manly-man for letting me paint our  bathroom PINK...!!!  

THIS BED!!  Oh how I wish it were a king-size.  It was a generous gift to us from my in-laws from Restoration Hardware, before they really had a furniture store.  It was probably 4' off the ground, we needed step stools to get into it.  It is SO dreamy....we recently upgraded to an eastern king sized bed.  I have this bedframe, in hopes to pass it down to our daughter someday....sigh...i LOVE it.

This built in was done by my husband and his best buddy who LOVE DIY projects.  This was a first, from scratch - that they pieced together.  Isn't it great!?  Since our bed was so high, we put the TV up high, and right where the bedpost is - was a built-in desk, where the computer was.  You can see there are some details that never were completed, but looking back - that just adds to the charm and memories they had putting this together.


The upstairs had the washer and dryer (LOVED that!)

Here was our nursery.  It was my FAVORITE room in the house.  We were one of the few, almost 6 years ago to not find out the sex of our baby.  So, Beatrix Potter naturally popped into my head.  The crib was mine when I was a baby that we had painted white.  We then bought the changing table for $20 and painted it white, too.  I looooved it.  (and oh, how i miss it!)

The rocking chair was from Cost Plus of all places, and we used it every day I was pregnant and every day after she was born.  It was the perfect rocker.

The walls were yellow with green accents everywhere.

The lucky girl had her own bathroom that she never used because we moved when she was 6 months old..!!  I lined the inside of an old Armoire with green toile fabric and had the bumper made from this fabulous Boutique in La Canada. (little did I know that I'd move 15 mins from there within a year after making that purchase...it wasn't even in our 'plans' to move!)

So, there we have it!  A fun little flashback for me - hope you enjoyed it too!


Dollface said...

awww the nursery is SO sweet.. and he let you paint it pink, wow... haha... good for him!! xoxo

Honey Bend Vintage said...

The nursery is so cute love the crib. We moved with my son to our current home when he was 6 months as well. I drive him by every now and again to remind him where he started his life~

Backyard Candle Co. said...

What a cute home! Isnt it fun to go down memory lane?! The nursery was darling. Have a great weekend.

C Maisy said...

wow...what a great husband you have.
i just love the cabinet in the nursery. did you do that yourself???
thanks again for sharing.
happy friday!

Tara said...

Thanks for the complete tour that was fun! the nursery is so sweet, and yes your husband is super cool to let you paint the bathroom pink!

Rachel said...

you got a pink bathroom!?!



LuLu said...

Loved the home tour! fun pink bathroom. memory lane ... this made me think of our past homes... wow there have been many. great memories though.

Kasey said...

lovely tour my friend.
oh, i love beatrix.....

Duni said...

I enjoyed reading about your home. Wow, a pink bathroom - lucky you!

Queen B. said...

Pink...what FuN !

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