23 February 2009

Perfect Pettiskirt.....

Ever since I've seen these skirts, I've just melted.
Many times I've thanked God so much for my daughter - and to dress her
in a skirt like this...to me...has only added to my dream come true!

Last summer, we had our first photo-shoot with professionals,
who happen to be my cousins, Christan and Allegra Parreira.

They are ever so talented, and I wanted to make sure
we captured our sweet daughter at age 5, in our 'investment' = the pettiskirt.

Then comes Martha Stewart - who, of course had a guest
who would teach us how to make these skirts. YES!

If I could learn how to make these with my new sewing machine,
it will pay for itself!

The ladies at the Grosgrain Fabulous Blog just posted about it.
This post is so great, she has given us first-hand advise,
and closes the loop-holes that Ms. Martha *sometimes leaves out.

Don't think you want to make it yourself? Check out her Blog -
They're giving one away!!

Blushing Buttercream Pettiskirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Because of this - I'm going to be stocking up on
chiffon, elastic, and thread.

Happy twirling!


Tara said...

Hi Tracy! oh my I just love these, for the little ones and for myself! :) I love my pettie coats and these are amazing, can't wait to see if you are able to make one! Also, I e-mailed you on Friday, check your spam folder I get stuck in there sometimes! Have a good day~

Allegra said...

Thanks, Tracy, for posting a link to us!! :) That was the most precious photo session to date if I don't say so myself :) PS-We're having a Couples Photo Session Giveaway! Look at all these giveaways!!

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